Troubadour Blues (Acoustic version)

from by Hugh Kearns

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In the winter of the seventh year I set off down the track
Had to get away but didn't know where
Everything I owned was in the case upon my back
Where I ended up I didn't care

I went away to find myself but lost myself instead
There I was alone in Triskel bay
With a pocket full of paper and a bookcase in my head
Just coins enough to last me for a day

At a house by the harbour on a frosty New Year's Eve
I drank with Sam Garonne and Mr Jones
Telling my tall travelling tales to anyone who would believe me
I felt just like a king upon a throne

Come on now won't you give us a song
You know you've nothin left to lose
But the time has come to be movin along
I've got the Troubadour blues

After leaving the celebrations I was dressed up in the coat
Of an Irishman whose name i did not know
I think he was the captain of some local fishing boat
But I was cold and the streets were filled with snow

I pulled into the station and soon I fell asleep
The night before was catching up with me
Underneath the rusty pipeline on south west Sycamore street
I lay on the cold hard ground beside the sea

I woke up two hours later with the sound of the church's bells
Rust and dust and dirt was my hair
Stumbled around for a while and several times I fell
Till I landed flat at the bottom of some stairs


While I was lying there in the ditch beside the street
I saw that a little doll was tucked away
I put her in my pocket and i stumbled to my feet
Thought nothing more and went along my way

Now feeling the guilt for stealing the coat I stashed and it behind the stairs
In a corner by the empty telephone box
I was meaning to return as soon as i knew the coast was clear
When the fishing boats has sailed out from the docks

I found an empty room above a local store
Somewhere I could rest my head
There were boards across the window and a warning on the door
Though I didn't read what it said


After sleeping in the gutter I got as cleaned up as I could
I cut off all of my hair and made a bed
From my misadventures I wasn't feeling all too good
With an aching in my back and thumping in my head

Suddenly I heard voices, what they said I couldn't tell
Footsteps were running toward the door
As I tried to hide outside the chimes of the church's lonely bells
Were ringing somewhat louder than before

I knew that I should flee although I don't know how to fly
As that stranger came and burst into the room
There was fire in his belly and the smoke was in his eyes
In his hand he held a gold harpoon


He said I’m looking for a sailor who's been seen around the place
If I could help he would be much obliged
For having shaved my head he didn't recognise my face
That sailor was here just a moment ago, I lied

With a whole lifetime behind me of telling twisted truths
I tried to play on him my little trick
'There goes the sailor now!' I said and I pointed across the roof
'You can catch him if you follow quick'

Well he went crashing out the door in the direction of the docks
Cursing as he thundered down the hall
As soon as he was gone I ran back to the telephone box
And grabbed the captain’s coat and the little doll


Inside the doll were diamonds! those shining shimmerin’ stones
That shone a light upon my lonely way
I loved that little doll with her precious shiny bones
Lady Luck was smiling on my day

Well now I am a rich man, I’ve got everything i need
No more will I be stealing anyone’s clothes
I am a ramblin’ troubadour and a lucky one indeed
And that's how my little story goes

Why the doll was hidden there I suppose I'll never know
The circumstances were so very strange
But me I'm still that rambling troubadour, from place to place I go
You know, some things just don’t ever change

Come on now won't you give us a song
You know you've nothin left to lose
But the time has come to be movin along
I've got the Troubadour blues


from Goodbye Marie, released March 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Hugh Kearns Glasgow, UK

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